3: Park Run

BaseCamp Adventure 3: Park Run

This family adventure required a bit of an early start (for a Saturday morning), but it was well worth the effort!

On a cold Winter’s morning, it’s quite tempting to stay beneath the duvet where it’s warm and comfortable, isn’t it? Having said that, sometimes it’s even tempting to stay indoors and not venture outside at all.

That was how we all felt this morning when the alarm went off to awake us in time to get dressed, washed and off to a local Park Run. We were warm and snug at BaseCamp, and the thought of getting up and heading outside FOR A RUN was not one that filled us with excitement.

But the good thing about having a challenge like our Base Camp 25 Adventures Challenge, is that it gives you a goal to aim for and an incentive to get up and get outside. And we set ourselves this challenge exactly for that reason to get outdoors and active together as a family (knowing that we will actually all enjoy the activities and be glad we did them – admittedly, sometimes in a type 2 fun kind of way).

Park Run is a great initiative that organises free, weekly, 5km timed runs around the world. They are open to everyone, free, and are safe and easy to take part in. Starting 2004, Park Run has grown from strength to strength, and every time we have taken part in one of them we have always felt welcome and supported. It doesn’t matter what your age, size or running ability, Park Run is for every one.

After our initial reluctance to get up this morning, our Park Run turned out to be a great start to the day: we ran and chatted to strangers, got lots of support from the volunteers and marshals, and came away red-faced, a little tired but very satisfied and fulfilled.

Remember, Park Run is not about being the fastest runner, it’s about just being there and taking part.

Find your local Park Run and get your weekend off to a great start!

For more information about Park Run, visit: http://www.parkrun.com/
For more information about Swift's Basecemap, visit: swiftbasecamp.co.uk

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