7 Reasons to Cycle

7 Reasons why YOU should get on your bike

Cycling is sooooo popular these days, and you may already be an avid cyclist. If you are, then this post isn’t for you!

However, if you’re not a keen cyclist and you’d rather be sat on a sofa in front of the TV than on a bike saddle, or sat in the driving seat of your motor burning up some carbon, then YOU DO need to read on about 7 reasons why you need to get on your bike, whatever the weather, wherever you live.

1. Cycling helps to get cars off the road.
Reason 1

2. Getting on in a bit of rain makes you hardier.
Reason 2

3. There’s a network of cycle paths to explore.
Reason 3

4. Cycling helps you to escape into the outdoors.
Reason 4

5. It’s a great way to see new places.
Reason 5

6. It’s a perfect activity for family time and exercise.
Reason 6

7. And it’s fun, fun and MORE fun!
Reason 7


And here’s a short video…