A Mini Expedition

Don’t waste precious time of your life clearing your drive of snow – get wrapped up and go on a mini expedition instead! It’s much more fun.

  • A taste of expedition
  • Builds up stamina
  • Great for Winter

OK so this is no trip to the North Pole, but you’ll be surprised how exciting and exhilarating this simple and fun adventure idea is for you and your kids.

Take a sledge (of any kind) and use a couple of roof-rack straps to create a simple harness that will allow someone to pull the sledge behind them. Tie a backpack containing rations, water and other essentials onto the sledge, and find some walking poles – and you are ready to go.

This preparation, and the right weather (cold, snowy conditions), makes a walk into the local fields feel like a full-on mini expedition – or for us, ‘Meekro – expedition’.

mini expedition 2