ABC of family adventuring – ABC

As the famous Jackson song proclaims, ABC is, “easy as 123” so rather than write a numbered list of suggested ideas, hints and tips for family adventuring we thought we’d offer some thoughts using the alphabet. Here we focus on literally A B C.

A for ADVENTURE (obvious one really!)

Definitions of the word adventure usually use words like, “risky”, “daring” or “exciting” conjuring up images of epic journeys and monumental feats of bravery but we believe adventure is what you want it to be; it doesn’t have to an expedition across the world, a climb up the highest mountain but just something that pushes you out of your comfort zone.
One of our family mottos is: Adventure is out there; you just have to go and find it. This has been a family motto since we watched the film UP a few years ago. We were moved by the fact that one of the main characters in the film dies before she is able to achieve her ambition of a lifetime. It inspired us to start doing family adventures, before its too late and our girls have grown up. So, don’t wait until it’s too late. Get planning, get inspired and get adventuring.


Being active isn’t just about partaking in energetic pursuits (which of course is great!) but more about ACTIVELY seeking out opportunities for family adventure. What is your family adventure going to be? Where will it be? How are you going to do it? All questions that need answering. Get everyone involved in thinking of ideas and planning what you all want to do.


A bucket list is a number of experiences or achievements that someone wants to complete within their lifetime, usually before they die. Take the concept and make your own family list of adventures that you would like to do before the kids leave the nest or reach a certain age. Get everyone involved in contributing ideas; scribble down notes, draw pictures or stick photos, leaflets etc. onto a large piece of paper. Display it somewhere to remind you of your plans but also as an ongoing list that you can keep adding to.


Bouldering involves climbing up and over large rocks without ropes. With an adult spotter for safety support, this is great exercise for the kids.
Why not take on different boldering challenge? Encourage your children to become bolder and not shy away from opportunities or challenges; encourage them to push their comfort zones. The challenges that you offer your child(ren) will vary according to the individuals but for a shy youngster it could be as simple as saying hello to a passing stranger when out on a walk or you could confront a phobia, e.g. go wild swimming in cold water.
You could turn this into a game with bold points or bold stars if they accomplish their challenges.


Go wild camping as a family. Find a suitable location, near or far from home and take all that you need for a night out under the stars. Sleeping in bivi bags (thin, lightweight, waterproof bags that you put your sleeping bags in) will mean that you can truly appreciate your environment; you can star gaze at night, watch the sun rise in the morning and luxuriate in your setting.


Head off for a backpacking adventure. It doesn’t have to be around the world for a year or even a few months in Europe. Giving children and the family a taste for backpacking should begin simply. Plan a short two trip away that will allow you to explore a new location. Take only what you need and what you can carry in your backpack. Encourage the kids to carry their own backpack, even if doesn’t contain as much as adults.


Bushcraft covers a range of skills that can be used in the wild, such as: shelter building (dens and tarps), fire lighting, filtering and purifying water, cordage making, whittling (knife skills) and cooking on fires. There are courses all over the country teaching children and families some of the basics.


Campsites are a great environment for families. Whether its camping in tents or in the comforts of a caravan or motorhome, campsites provide the ideal base for exploring the outdoors.


All these outdoor activities are great little adventures in the outdoors. Whilst they can be taken to extreme measures (cycling around the world, climbing El Capitane etc) you can make them into your own family adventures, appropriate to the level of your family members.

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