ABC of family adventuring: T, U & V

As the famous Jackson song proclaims, ABC is, “easy as 123” so rather than write a numbered list of suggested ideas, hints and tips for family adventuring we thought we’d offer some thoughts using the alphabet. Here we focus on T to V.

T for TIME (link to Four Thought)

Time is such a precious commodity in our lives but we often take it for granted. Whilst you can’t make time, you can prioritise what is important; plan to do something or go somewhere with the family on a regular basis – one night a week for a family adventure or every other weekend…at least.

T for TREK

Going for a trek is another way of saying going for a walk but sounds a bit more adventurous! A trek can be a few hours of a one night / multi-night experience.


Get a rucksack and fill it with a camping stove, saucepan, firelighter, plates, cutlery and wet wipes. Then all you need to add is a few simple ingredients that you can cook as a one pot, when out in the open. Choose an interesting location that will appeal to everyone in the family and then head out with the family for a meal in the outdoors. Keep your tucksack handy and ready to eat out in the middle of the week for a treat!


A tentsile is an impressive looking tree tent that attaches to three trees by ratchet straps. The base of the tent is like a hammock and provides a comfortable bed for the night whilst the mesh tent over the top allows you to gaze up at stars and branches above you. Alternatively, a fly sheet provides shelter from the elements. An exciting alternative to camping out!

U for UVA and UVB

UV rays are those nasty rays of sunshine that can cause the most damage to your skin if you don’t protect yourself. Sun cream provides a barrier against the UV rays. The SPF relates to a time factor – the time any individual can spend in the sun without burning. Skin type and “sun safe time” affect this. The sun safe time is specific to an area and depends of the UV concentration measured. So an SPF of 10 increase the sun safe time by 10 times. The SPF number only relates to UVB rays. A star rating on sun cream bottles indicates the protection from UVA rays, 5 stars being the maximum possible protection.


Variety is the spice of life. Routines by their very nature tend to be dull and uninspiring therefore adding variety into the daily, weekly, monthly routines will spice up any family life!


Venture out your door into the outdoors. Have an adventure or an ed-venture.