ABC of family adventuring: W, X, Y & Z

As the famous Jackson song proclaims, ABC is, “easy as 123” so rather than write a numbered list of suggested ideas, hints and tips for family adventuring we thought we’d offer some thoughts using the alphabet. Here we focus on the last few letters of the alphabet, W to Z.


Don’t let the weather dictate what you can and can’t do. It is a good idea to be prepared for different weather conditions but if the forecast is for rain and wind rather than stay inside, go out with the waterproofs on!


Knives are a useful tool to be able to use with care and purpose. The skill of whittling, or carving into a piece of wood, encourages children and adults to develop knife skills and can lead some rewarding results. There are fundamental survival skills associated with whittling as well of course!


Wild camping means setting up camp (tent, hammock or bivvy bag) in a location that is not a commercial campsite or private property. It is legal to wild camp in Scotland but whilst it is illegal in Wales and England (except in Dartmoor) people manage to wild camp in remote locations if they arrive late in the evening and leave early in the morning, respecting the environment and leaving no trace.

X for X Marks the Spot

Head out for an adventure looking for treasure or an end goal. Using a map, choose a place on the map that you would like to get to and mark it with an X. Using the map, navigate your way to the end point. The treasure will depend on where you finish; who knows what it might be….an ice shop, time at the playground or coins hidden in a sandy beach?

Y for YES

The word YES has positive¬†connotations. Yes is a positive word. Say YES more. This is a catchphrase that Dave Cornthwaite promotes and lives by. The idea is that if you say yes to more opportunities you’ll do more and ultimately achieve more. Now you can’t say yes to everything but being more positive and open should lead to more excitement.


Get a zest for life by prioritising what means the most to you. Make time for the important stuff and enjoy life – don’t just live it, love it!