ADVENTUROUS: Water volleyball

Adventurous Challenge

Play water volleyball in the sea.

Volleyball is a popular beach game but for this challenge the game is played in the water. Strip down to swim wear and wade into the sea then try to pass the ball between you without letting it drop into the water. It all sounds a bit of fun, doesn’t it? To add to the challenge, think about the time of year when it could be done – Autumn or even the middle of winter?

Ella completed this challenge in November on Sea Palling beach in Norfolk. When reflecting on the challenge she said:

“My belly went when I heard that I had to play water volleyball. I hate cold water and so playing volleyball in the sea wasn’t ideal. But I have to overcome the fear and say yes to more things. So when we reached the beach and decided to do the challenge we realised that no towel, and no wetsuits! I hated the idea of this because of how cold it would be.
When we reached the beach, we got changed. The wind was cold, not to mention the water. The primitive part of my brain was ringing alarm bells and telling me all the dangers, but this wouldn’t stop me. I was there to have fun and complete the challenge. As we reached the water’s edge, I decided to not think about the temperature but the fun. This must have gone wrong because I ended up screaming and shouting, “It’s cold!” Daddy and I did manage to have a quick game of volleyball. This wasn’t my favourite challenge, but that’s what Family Challenged is all about, over coming fears.”

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