Amy and Ella’s Weekly Highlights – 13-19 July

A kart-full of birthday fun!

My highlight of this week will happen only once in my life and I really enjoyed it – my 12th birthday!!! Ella and my parents had been really secretive about what they had actually planned for it so when I opened my card from them, and finally found out what they had planned, I couldn’t have been more excited.

The first activity of the day was go-karting. The nearby circuit was quite large, with loads of bends, straits and pits to drive around. It was raining a little but, once again, we didn’t let that stop us – it just made the course slippery and so even more fun to kart on. After collecting our helmets, which looked like proper Formula 1 types, Ella and I jumped into a car each and whizzed around the track in two 10-minute sessions, trying to beat our times and driving at speeds of an average 21 mph! Ella also picked up a habit of going round corners so fast, she spun into the tyres lining the course quite a few times but started to be more cautious after having been told off by a member of staff. We were both reluctant to vacate the cars after our session finished.

Soon after, we visited Adrenaline Quarry. It is literally only a stone’s throw away from the karting track and boasts a wide range of activities to complete whilst there. I tried the Giant Swing – a thick metal bar suspended on wires that you are clipped onto that is pulled high into the air before dropping a little and swinging out over the quarry below. It was thrilling and really enjoyable and certainly got adrenaline pumping through my veins.

My birthday was so much fun. It was different yet nice getting to spend it just with my family and not with a party of friends and I’m really grateful that they made it such a special day.

By Amy

Football Golf – a real winner

Once again a week full of fun and challenges. We’ve been going on walks, riding go-karts, swimming and all but my favourite activity was football golf. On a drizzly day, when not many people would choose to get outside, we decided to head off to an old golf course, now a brand new football golf course!

Over in Cornwall there is a huge course with massive holes to kick a football into. Being the only football golf company in the UK this pitch is also the biggest and best!

When we arrived we stuck our trainers on, slipped our cagoule and waterproof leggings on and were on our way to have a round of, football golf. Toby talked us through the rules and we chose our football colour and size. We walked through the wet grass to the first tee. We chose to do the Parkland course first because we were told it’s a bit of a warm up for the Hillside. It may be the easier of the two courses, but it was still tricky. We had several attempts of kicking the ball over, around and under things. Kicking in nets, past defenders and into goals, avoiding bunkers and rough and doing circles. We learned to chip, blast, curl and putt. The Hillside course was a bit trickier as there were quite big slopes before the hole. On either side of the green there was  rough to avoid and bunkers to chip over or out of. We have made a short video about our experience there and we hope you enjoy it.

By Ella