Best Drinks Bottle EVER!!

A healthy and environmentally friendly drink

Recently we decided to do a short cycle ride along the coast to a nearby village. It was a hot day and we had cycled 6km and therefore wanted to stop for a drink. We always carry a refillable bottle of water around with us but wanted a change. As part of our Clear Plastic_UK campaign, we always refuse to buy single-use plastic bottles, choosing cans, cardboard or glass instead. I looked around the carton section expecting not to buy any of them because they would have straws (something we always refuse to buy)… but guess what… I found a carton without a straw, made out of cardboard, labelled with FSC! It was a healthy, vitamin drink and it was delicious! I was delighted with this find and so have been raving about it ever since! Why aren’t all juices like this? If we all choose to use strawless cartons like this one instead of single-use plastic bottles then maybe, drinks companies will stop producing them.

By Ella