BOLD: Do a survey

Bold Challenge

Ask at least five caravanners around the site what they think of the site and what they’d improve, then present your findings to the warden.

Caravan and campsite differ from place to place; some are very popular and people come back year after year but why? What is the attraction? Find out by carrying out your own survey. Go up to fellow caravanners / campers and ask them a list of prepared questions, jotting down their answers for later. Once you’ve spoken to a selection, report your findings to the caravan warden or campsite owner – they’d appreciate the feedback.

Ella completed this challenge when staying in Seacroft Caravan Club site on holiday in Cromer. When reflecting on this challenge, Ella said:

“When we were told that we had to ask 5 caravanners questions and feed the answers back to the warden my immediate thought was why would the friendly warden want to know bad things about her site? She had only arrived at the site two days before us and I was worried about hurting her feelings. I was hoping that the feedback was going to be good!
One person that we spoke to said they wouldn’t improve anything! I thought that this was an extremely kind thing to say. Another person we spoke to was the absolute opposite and just wanted to get away from us. Overall the feedback was pretty good and the ideas for improvement were only small so that means that this must be a very good site. Caravanners aren’t as grumpy as I thought!
Out of the five people we spoke to, I did 4 and daddy only did 1. This was our bold challenge and we both managed to get 2 points.”

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