BOLD: Find out a local delicacy

Bold challenge

Find out a local delicacy by phoning someone that makes it. Go and visit them and learn how to make it then come back and make it for the family to eat.

Part of the fun of being on holiday or visiting somewhere new is treating your taste buds to the new flavours of foods produced and associated with an area, i.e. the local delicacy. Some parts of the country or world have well-known delicacies but others might involve a bit of research. To do this, ring up a local cafe and tap into their knowledge; what do they offer in their shop? Even better still, going to the shop (e.g. fishmongers, delicatessen, cafe) and learning first-hand will add to the challenge. After you’ve learnt how to make your delicacy have a go at doing it yourself and show off your newly learnt skills.

Amy completed this challenge when in Cromer. When reflecting on this challenge, Amy said:

“The first part of this challenge was to find out Cromer’s local delicacy and what immediately appeared on the Google search page was Cromer crab. This wasn’t what we were expecting to find, more something like Cromer Cookies, despite the fact we were by the sea. But, that was all we could find, so we headed to the local fish mongers to see what they had in the way of tips. We spent over an hour in the shop learning about crabs, how they are caught and how they are dressed for sale.”

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