Camp Fire Meal

Jacket Potatoes

Camp fires are a great way to enjoy way to socialise and eat in the great outdoors. They provide a focal point and the heat source for a shared meal in the open air. We all love to sit around a camp fire and watch the flames flickering before our eyes. As the smoke infiltrates your clothes and hair and the hypnotic flames die to smouldering embers, the heat is ideal for cooking. One of the most simple meals is the good, old jacket potato.
  • Prick the skin of the potatoes and wrap them in aluminium foil.
  • Place the silver packages in the glowing embers and leave them to cook slowly, turning them regularly.
  • The potatoes will cook for varying lengths depending on their size – half an hour to 45 minutes on average.
Note: the skin of the potato will blacken and become crispy.
Here’s our video:

What is wonderful about jacket potatoes is that you can vary the toppings to appeal to each and every member of the family. Our choice of toppings were all cold options that did not require any other cooking. After adding a knob of butter we each chose from our choice of Aldi topping ingredients:
  • Grated cheese
  • Coleslaw
  • Creme fraiche with sliced smoked salmon


With the main course cooked and eaten the fun began. Rather than just roast marshmallows, we ate s’mores (shortened from “some more”), an American / Canadian treat that is becoming more and more popular here.
  •  Push a couple of marshmallows onto a skewer and hold them over the hot embers of the fire until they soften to your liking.
  • Sandwich the marshmallows between two biscuits and remove the skewer.
The choice of biscuit is important; it should ideally not crumble easily. The Americans and Canadians use Graham crackers. We used Aldi chocolate digestives. If you’re not using chocolate biscuits, you could place a layer of chocolate (pieces / buttons) onto a biscuit before making the gooey marshmallow sandwich.