Kids Against Plastic – a campaign

Kids Against Plastic, a mini campaign, is our family response to the UN’s Global Goals – the Planet’s to do list – backed by 193 Governments in an attempt to end poverty, combat climate change and fight injustice and inequality.

As a family, we’ve decided that we’d like to do our bit – something positive – towards making the planet a better place to be, and in the spirit of the Global Goals – the need for action from everybody – we’ve tasked ourselves with a big challenge to work towards.

Our Family Challenge

  • Question our own personal use of single-use plastic
  • REMOVE 100,000 plastic bottles from the environment
  • Encourage people to REFUSE to use single-use plastic drinks bottles, coffee cups and straws
  • Encourage people to REFILL a reusable plastic drinks bottle rather than buy single-use bottles

 A family’s response to the Global Goals explained

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Progress to date