Live for the 5 to 9 (not your 9 to 5)!

The week is often dominated by the 9 to 5 jobs, school and clubs and the weekend is the time when most families attempt to claw back some valuable time together, when most adventuring is done.

But who says we can’t squeeze in a midweek adventure? It can be done if you make the effort and prioritise the time. Rather than kick off the shoes and let your body unwind at the end of the day, make the most of the time, go somewhere new, see something different and do something exciting before returning home to bed.

So, maximise the 5 to 9, make more out of the hours between 5pm and 9pm (after school and back in time for the kids’ bedtime, even if it is a bit later than normal!). Try to redress the work life balance a little bit by making a midweek adventure your focus. You’ll all return home hopefully feeling invigorated and much happier, having spent time in the outdoors, together.

50 Evening Adventures

Our latest book is packed full of ideas for families looking simple but fun mid-week adventures.


Some ideas for how to spend your 5 to 9