Project: Base Camp

The idea for Project: BaseCamp came about after returning from nearly 2.5 years of travelling together as a family that saw us explore the UK and Ireland, head off into France and Spain, tour the Netherlands, Germany and Scandinavia, as well as visit Morocco and realise a life-long ambition by safari-ing in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

The upshot is: we’d had so much fun travelling, adventuring and learning together that we didn’t want it to stop – even if we were returning to a more ‘normal’ lifestyle in order for Amy and Ella to reconnect with friends, after-school clubs, and maybe even one day, return to school. We wanted to retain our attitude that where ever we live, whatever we live in, we should see it more as a base camp than anything else; a place that is a base (home) that we use as a launchpad for adventure and opportunity. To help us achieve this, we are using a Swift Basecamp caravan and Vango awning setup to help us escape to the outdoors (in fact, we are currently living in the Basecamp).

We set ourselves the challenge of ensuring that every week is a satisfying balance of home schooling/work and outdoor adventure time together as a family, and complete at least 25 Basecamp Adventures in the process.

Easier said than done, but what follows below is the results of our efforts to achieve this.

For info:

Our Basecamp sitting pretty in the Yestival camping area.
Heading off from Base Camp to go hiking.
basecamp halftone copy
A basecamp for 25 family adventures

 Adventures from Base Camp