Refuse 4 Ever

We need to cut single-use plastic from our lives – and soon

Plastic might be everywhere in the present day and age but it doesn’t mean it’s unavoidable! Last July, people all around the UK stopped using the main four plastic polluters (plastic bottles, straws, coffee cup lids and bags) for the whole month as part of the Refuse 4 July campaign. And if we can do it for a month… why not longer?

Why not Refuse 4 Ever?

Ok, ok, so refusing plastic isn’t simple, but once you know how to avoid it – and what the alternatives are – it’s simpler than you’d think. That’s where we can help! On this page you’ll find tips and advice, reasons to refuse and any other useful information you need to get you on the way to refusing 4ever. Give it a go – you’ll be surprised at the results.

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