Children in Need Pop up cafe

Blacks are sponsoring Children in Need this year and this is a charity that we regularly support and try to fundraise for. Therefore it made sense as Blacks family ambassadors that we don our Pudsey hats and head for the hills for some fresh air and fundraising.


Countryfile have been encouraging people to arrange sponsored rambles to raise money for the Children in Need charity. Since we love the Great Outdoors and spending time in the fresh air, we eagerly decided to arrange our own ramble but put a different spin on it. We plotted out a four mile hike across the Kinder Plateau in the Peak District to a popular hot stop called Kinder Downfall where we set up a Pudsey Pop Up Café serving free coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

We sat for a couple of hours in the winter sunshine providing fellow walkers with warm drinks. Serving them in reusuable mugs meant that we not only avoided using single-use plastic but encouraged people to stop, chat and admire the view. Snowdon may have a café at the top but on this day Kinder Plateau had a Plastic Clever café at the top.

This ramble was rewarding in so many ways; we enjoyed a walk in the fresh air, spent time together as a family chatting along the way, provided a service for thirsty and cold walkers and raised £59.17 for a worthwhile charity.

Children in Need

BBC Countryfile Ramble

Blacks Children in Need Pudsey hat