DO – Create your own MTB skills circuit

Make a MTB skills circuit

There’s no better way to gain confidence on a bike than to practise and hone some bike handling skills. But don’t wait until you get to a formal bike skills circuit (like you find in bike parks or where there’s a forest trail centre), get the kids – and the adults too – to get creative in their local area and look for potential exercises or challenges to complete that develop an aspect of bike handling.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • kerbs and edges are good places to develop balance and control
  • markings or lines can be used creatively e.g a set of parking space lines can define where to make a controlled stop (and hold for 2 seconds in the balance position) before continuing forwards to the next line (and repeating the controlled stop). If the rider puts their feet down they have to start again from the start.
  • markings are also good for developing precision steering – sticking to a line – particularly a curved one – is very difficult
  • speed humps are good for practising bunny hopping control – can you clear the hump as you pass over it in the air
  • rough patches of land are great for developing control and balance over difficult terrain, and also good for developing good baking techniques
The great thing about creating your MTB skills circuit is that you can devise exercises to develop the specific skills you think you need to. And the next time you head out on your MTB these honed skills will help you to ride more safely and with more confidence.

Have fun. Stay safe. And always wear a helmet.