DO – explore in the slow (cycle) lane

Slow and steady – the best way to explore an area

We are not a family of experienced or serious cyclists, but we do love cycling together and exploring new places. The great thing about going on a cycle ride together as a family is, a bit like when you’re out on a walk, you tend to go at the pace of the slowest rider. And this can be a really good thing when you don’t know an area and you want to get to know it better.

When we were exploring Henley and riding some of the Thames path we stopped to watch activity at the local lock, we noticed an elegant statue of a mermaid just off the road side, stopped to watch rowers take to the water and begin their evening’s training, and marvelled, mouths wide open at 10, 20, 30 or more red kites that circled and whistled above our heads.

Going slowly also makes it an enjoyable social activity, too – chatting and sharing stories and ideas rather than razzing around as fast as you can dressed in Lycra and rushing past everything interesting there is to see.

So, the idea is simple – get your bikes out and go cycling… taking life in the slow lane and enjoying what you notice while you are there.