DO – Fly a kite

Fly a kite

Fly (and even make) a simple kite.

Kite copy
Flying a kite is great fun on a windy day. You don’t have to be an expert to fly a simple one and part of the fun is learning!

Working as a team adds to the overall enjoyment. If you aren’t the one holding the string, you can help to get the kite off the ground by running along with it and then launching it into the air.

While you’re waiting for a blustery day, how about making a kite or a ribbon banner in preparation for your trip.

Here are some instructions for four simple kite designs that you can have a go at making:

Flying a stunt kite

Kite 2
This is when kite flying really gets exciting, especially when the wind picks up (that’s when the kiter nearly gets picked up, too). A stunt kite – or foil – has two lines (one for each hand) making it easy to control and manoeuvre in the air. When you get confident with a stunt kite you can have lots of fun getting the kite to perform aggressive changes of direction and height, and even 360 degree spins.

If you are interested in buying a foil kite, here’s a link to the one that’s shown in the photo above (and video below).

But how does a foil kite actually work?

Foil kites are not like a traditional kite by design, they are designed to function more like a wing so that they create plenty of lift.

Ella explains how they work in the video below: