Do: get fit naturally on the beach

Exercise at the Beach

Beaches are often associated with summer, people sunbathing and splashing in the sea. At this time of year you don’t see either of these activities taking place but the beach is a great location to exercise at, no matter what time of year it is. You not only get the chance to get fitter but breathe in the sea air and enjoy the noise of crashing waves in the background.
We’ve spent quite a lot of time at Brighton beach this last week, a pebbly beach that stretches between the marina and pier. You see many joggers and cyclists using the roads and paths that run along the cliff tops and seafront but very few people use the beach. We decided to carry out a bit of fun family exercise down on the pebbles by the sea.

Pebble Game

Pebble game2
We split into two teams of two. The aim of our game was to make a line of pebbles on the nearby concrete promenade that stretched between two of the fences posts. In order to collect the pebbles, team members had to take it in turns to run beyond a designated line to collect the pebbles – a shuttle run relay. Each team member could collect three pebbles at a time before returning to the edge of the promenade to tag their team mate and place the pebbles in the line. The first team to create a line of pebbles that reached the second post would be deemed champions.

Finishing Challenge

Don’t forget to tidy away. Rather than leave the pebbles on the promenade turn the tidying up into a game in itself. Have two people stand back to back at the centre post. They must run to the end of their line of pebbles, pick up a pebble and return to the start, dropping the pebble on the beach before running back again. The first person to remove all their pebbles wins.
Finishing game

Having Fun

This exercise certainly raised our heart rates and quickened our breathing. The resistance of running on pebbles added to the challenge and reaching down to grab pebbles stretched upper body muscles. But the important part of exercising with the family is to make it a fun game so you don’t even realise you’re exercising!