DO – Leaf litter walk

Kick through the leaves and pick up litter

Enjoy some time outdoors in the crisp Autumn air and kick through the piles of crunchy leaves that lay on the ground. See how many leave types you can identify – I think it’s empowering for children to know the names of the tree species they see around them. If there are any you are not sure about, take a photo or a sample home and then find out. There are loads of online resources and apps to help with the identification of trees and their leaves – a Google image search will also be helpful – try this link.

And while you are kicking through the leaf litter, pick up any human litter that you might find. Put it in a bag and take it home to dispose of it properly and in doing so you’ll be doing your bit to help keep our natural environments clean and tidy (and safer for the animals we share these spaces with).

NB. take care – there may be dog poop in leaf litter on our streets.