DO – Night Time Cycle Ride

Night Time Cycle Ride

OK, cycling can be dangerous, even in the day time, but if you are well connected by cycle routes, then a night time cycle ride with the kids is great fun – and feels much more adventurous than doing the same route in the day time.

Pick a route that suits your family – the age of the kids and their abilities  – and get wrapped up warm and lit-up.

Enjoy the ride, and stay safe.

Ideas for places to cycle to:

  • cycle to the after school club
  • cycle to the cinema
  • cycle to the beach and have a fish supper
  • cycle to a relatives for a chat and a cuppa tea
  • cycle to the supermarket (take a rucksack for the shopping)
CC club bike 2

Tips to bear in mind:

  • Wear helmets and plenty of lights
  • Get the kids some reflective leg/arm bands for extra visibility
  • Stay together but don’t two abreast, especially when on the road
  • Stick to cycle lanes and keep your eyes open for other cyclists (who may not all have lights)
  • Have a ‘goal’ for the ride e.g. to ride to the beach and have some fish and chips
  • Check out the Sustrans website for details of cycle-friendly routes
  • Take the usual bike maintenance backpack (pump, repair kit, spanners etc) but make sure you have a few spare batteries in case any lights dim during the trip


Here’s a short video Amy made of our evening bike ride this week.


  1. Two abreast on the road is perfectly legal and safe. Road positioning is one of the things that keep you safe and if riding with kids I’d actively encourage you to ride behind them and in primary to ensure vehicles pass with space.

    1. Yeah, good point about road positioning. I tend to ride behind the kids and slightly out in the road to help keep cars away from them (important when young riders are a bit wobbly).

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