DO: Run a reindeer (or other Christmas-related shape)

Run a shape – a family-friendly fun run

Getting the kids – and sometimes other family members too – to go for a run can be a challenge; the suggestion met with, “Running’s boring!” or “I HATE running!” This is a shame because, whilst running can be initially hard going and a challenge, with a little bit of perseverance in the early days, it soon becomes easier and much more enjoyable.

The best way to convince those less keen on running to give it a go, is like anything else, really – make it FUN.

Get into ‘shape’!

Find a Google map of your local area and look for shapes or outlines of objects that you could ‘draw’ with your run – a bit like etch-a-sketch.  And then go and run it!

Reindeer Run 9
]As it was approaching Christmas, we chose to draw – I mean run – I mean run-draw the shape of a reindeer. You can see the route we took. OK you need a bit of an imagination but it kind of resembles a reindeer – it was good enough for us, anyway.

Getting the kids to navigate the route during the run (I carried a photograph of the route on my phone which meant accessing the map was quick and easy, and made us actually map read instead of relying on GPS).

We also chose to dress up in Christmas lights (much more festive than a high-vis bib), carry an inflatable reindeer and sing the song ‘Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer” as we ran, but these are all optional extras!

Here’s the video we made:

* if you do want to use GPS to map your route, this GPS-A-SKETCH app looks fun