DO – Take a walk on the darkside

The dark brings with it its own sense of mystery and excitement. A familiar walk in the street, down a passageway or across a well-trodden park takes on a whole new persona when it’s dark… particularly, but not exclusively, for children.

Tips and advice:

For young children, venturing out into the dark is exhilarating and a little nerve-wracking at the same time. Exciting because they can carry and use a torch purposefully, nervy tingling because the darkness makes things feel, look and sound different.

Ramp up the excitement/scariness factor by taking children on a night walk in a forest or down dark country lanes or across moonlit fields. Initially it might be best to use a familiar location; one that you and the children know well by daylight. It will be enough of a thrill just to be out in the dark with a torch, without it needing to a new and unfamiliar location as well – this might be a little too un-nerving at first, particular for little ones. However, with one or two familiar haunts (oops, bad word choice) under the belt, venture out to somewhere previously unexplored (by you that is) for a much more exciting and slightly unsettling experience. You and your children are likely to soon get comfortable with the dark, and start to tune into the rather eery sounds of the night. And on safe return to the start of the walk, there will be a sense of relief, exhilaration and not to mention bravery.

And, importantly, the next time you, or your children step out into the darkness, you’ll all feel a little more at ease.


  • Be brave!
  • Keep a look out for wildlife
  • Walk quietly