DO – Take on the elements

Take on the elements

There’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing – or so the saying goes. However, what with the recent weather we’ve been having in the UK – particularly “up t’North like the poor souls that have been badly affected by floods and storm damage ” – you might be well feel that the weather can indeed be bad… very bad, in fact.

But optimists like to look for positives from situations, so maybe the run of bad weather gives those of us thankfully away from the badly affected areas an opportunity; to have an adventure, perhaps.

So, this adventure idea is simple. On a day when it’s wild and windy, wet and cold… when your thoughts are of staying inside, keeping warm and snuggly, DO THE OPPOSITE! Get your layers on, get your waterproofs on and head out into the outdoors for a walk, cycle, run, whatever. Just get out there and take on the elements.

OK, you may get a bit cold and miserable if you head out for hours, but at least when you get home you can warm up, dry out and look out of the window and declare: I took on the elements, and survived! Believe me, you and any young adventurers you took will be rosy faced and may even have chilblains, but you will feel like adventurers (and rightly so).

P.S. If you are looking for good adventure wear for your mini adventurers, then these are companies we’ve been particularly impressed with over the years:

Mountain Munchkins  – for mini adventurers

Ellis Brigham – for adults and children

Marmot – for adults and children