Do: Try Trail Running

Running – love it or hate it!

Running – a favourite for some, nemesis for others. Including me. For some reason, pulling on some trainers early in the morning and running down a pavement doesn’t really appeal to me. But, trail running, however, does. Trail running is running off track. Out on the moors, in a forest, in the mountains. Following footpaths that wind along rivers and valleys. Manoeuvring around rocks or other obstacles that may be peppering the path. It’s a really fun version of running and spices up your time outdoors.

If you’re interested in trying trail running, here are a few links you may find useful:

  • Wild Running (book) – a guide on trail running all around the UK, packed with 150 trails to try and information about them. The trails are different lengths and difficulties and appeal to all abilities.
  • Wild Running – not by the same authors as the book Wild Running, but an organisation who run guided trail runs and events. It’s a great way to get into trail running if you don’t know where to start!
  •  TRA – The Trail Running Association. The TRA hold races and events throughout the year. You can become a member if trail running really interests you and can participate in their many championships if you’re ready for a challenge!