Weekly highlight – a special Doodle a Day

After doing a talk at the Cheltenham Literary festival we were eating some lunch in the green room, and that’s when I saw him. Chatting over in the corner of the room was Chris Riddell the children’s Laureate.  I had with me my doodle a day book written by him that I badly wanted him to sign, although I was scared. But I eventually plucked up courage and nervously walked up and waited to speak to hime and ask him to sign my book. I hesitated feeling quite awkward waiting for him to finish his conversation with another person. I was about to run back but knowing that if I did, I wouldn’t get a signing from him. It was a dilemma for me. To my horror, when he’d finished talking, he walked straight past me! Did he not like signing and saying a quick hello, or did he not see me?  Regardless, I followed him determinedly with butterflies in my belly. 

“Excuse me” and he looked, “would you mind signing my book?” He looked at the book…

“Yes of course, did you know this will be the first Doodle a Day book I have signed!” A surprised “really” came out of my mouth. I watched intently as he wrote in his posh author writing,  

To Ella,

Doodle a day! ” See I have put it so you have to doodle each day!” He explained while I laughed and smiled.

From Chris Riddell

He was about to hand my book back but I said a bit cheekily, “Would you mind if you started off my doodles by doing one of your own?” He thought it was a great idea and for a quick 2 minute doodle he drew a masterpiece in the short amount of time. I thanked him gratefully and had a quick photo by his side before scurrying off excitedly.

CR doodling

If I had taken the easy option I wouldn’t have got a special doodle and signing from Chris and so I guess I have learnt that the hard option is the scariest but most rewarding. Every time I have opened my Doodle a Day book I have looked at the the drawing, admired it, and felt chuffed about that moment.

By Ella