Drawing and Illustration

Art master class with award-winning artist and illustrator Paul Hutchinson

An informal lesson that took place on the carpet where the two students and illustrator worked with enthusiasm and enjoyment; there was lots of casual encouragement and positive comments which instantly relaxed the students and gave them self belief.

The learning had a very good pace and personalisation as the students had influence over the direction of the learning, e.g. when switching from drawing facial expressions to sketching animal postures at an opportune moment.

The practical work was cleverly interspersed with insights into the world of a professional artist – this maintained the pace of the learning and gave a purposeful context to the skills learning. Embedded ICT occurred when the artist demonstrated how a recent commission for an illustrated French teaching book related to expression/character sketches in the first part of the lesson. This brought the learning to life.

Hutch work

The lesson rounded off effectively as the students were able to create a digital illustration using industry quality software and hardware, and leave having applied their learning to the digital medium.