Hotdogs – firm family favourite

Hot dogs are a quick and simple meal to cook in the outdoors and always popular with the kids. If you‘re planning a day out, cooking hotdogs will provide a tasty snack for lunch.

What you need:

Bread (hotdog rolls or similar)
Onion, sliced
Sauces / toppings, e.g. tomato sauce, mustard, grated cheese, salsa

Sausages are often a favourite cooked on the campfire, but if you’re not able to get to / have a campfire, take along a small gas stove and cook your sausages on top. The choice of sausage depends very much on you – plain, exotic or vegetarian! Fry your sausages in some oil. As they are cooking, fry up some sliced onions as well and don’t forget to bring along everyone’s favourite sauces (tomato sauce, mustard, grated cheese etc.) Serve in soft hotdog rolls or crusty baguettes.