Eat Nettle Soup

There’s something very rewarding about eating for free… no, I don’t mean having a meal and then not paying, but growing and eating a healthy meal fresh from Mother Nature’s pantry.

  • Be brave!
  • Foraging
  • Kids as chefs
  • Wear gloves!

With this in mind we, as a family, embarked (albeit a little tentatively) on a mini adventure that would see us pick nettles … and then eat them!

Now I must admit, the thought of getting our children to pick never mind eat nettles seemed destined to failure (after all, getting them eat mange tout or green beans is hard enough). But, how wrong I was! They both rose to the challenge.

How to make nettle soup

  • Put on a pair of gardening gloves (rubber kitchen gloves are the best)
  • Pick a bag full of nettle tops (the young growth at the top of the stem)
  • Rinse the nettle tops and remove any thick stems/tough pieces
  • Boil some potatoes
  • Add some garlic (wild garlic preferably)
  • Blend the potatoes, nettles and garlic
  • Add some stock into the blended mix and simmer
  • Serve with a swirl of yoghurt or creme fraiche
  • Season then eat with crusty bread

Nettle Soup 2 Nettle Soup 3 Nettle Soup 4