EAT Outdoors – Berber Omelette

Omelette with a Berber twist

Eggs are quick and easy to cook therefore are an ideal ingredient when cooking in the outdoors. This recipe is a twist on the more traditional omelette and was inspired after a trip to Morocco earlier this year.

Ingredients (for 4):
vegetable oil
onion, chopped
1 red and 1 green pepper, chopped
400g tinned tomatoes
6 large free range eggs
3 – 4 tblsps milk
salt and pepper to taste

  • Crack the eggs into a bowl and whisk. Add milk to the mixture and salt and pepper to taste.
  • Heat a couple of teaspoons of oil in a pan.
  • Add the onion and fry until golden.
  • Add the peppers until they begin to soften.
  • Pour on the tinned tomatoes and add a pinch of cumin (to taste).
  • Once the tomato mixture has warmed sufficiently gently pour the egg mixture over the top. Do not mix. The egg mixture will start to cook as a layer on top of the tomato base.
    When the egg mixture has fully cooked and set, your omelette is ready to eat.
    Serve with crusty bread.