Eating out with Aldi – Dartmoor BIG Brunch

Eating Out  – a big breakfast in the great outdoors

Before setting off for a walk in Dartmoor and a spot of wild camping we needed a hearty breakfast..or big brunch to be more accurate.

Taking our Aldi ingredients with us, we set up a barbecue in a disused, over-grown quarry. Once the embers started to glow, we tipped our ingredients into the foil containers and the cooking began. The sausages and mushrooms fried in oil in one container. Beside them the sliced potatoes (already cooked) also sizzled in oil. Once the sausages and potatoes were nicely on their way, we warmed the beans in another tin foil container and boiled water in the last one. When the water reached boiling point, we cracked each of the eggs into a poaching bags and placed them into the container to poach. It looked like a military operation!

The barbecue provided an ideal area on which to cook. We shuffled containers around to ensure the sausages stayed warm while the beans were heated up. Once everything was ready we served up our generous mid-morning fry up and sat eating it in the outdoors, soaking up the views around us.

Bellies full, we packed up and were ready for a day (and night) on Dartmoor.

Ingredients (for 4):
  • Oil
  • Sausages x 8
  • Tin of cooked potatoes, sliced
  • Tin of baked beans x 2
  • Baby mushrooms (about 12), sliced
  • Large Free range eggs x 4
  • Tin foil containers
  • Egg poaching bags

Aldi ingredients

Here’s a short video we made: