‘Eating out’ as a family for £5

Eat ‘out’ as a family, for about £5 a go!

This is a challenge that we have set ourselves, in an effort to:

Maximise our 5 to 9

Make more out of the hours between 5pm and 9pm (after school and back in time for the girls’ bedtime) – the focus on the 9 to 5 working day needs redressing … and this is our own humble attempt.

Eat out together

Eat ‘out’ more as a family. Eating outside is so much more fun than a stuffy pub or restaurant.

Add some variety

Eat at different locations and give the kids something fun, interesting, energetic etc to do (instead of completing naff ‘activity’ books offered as time fillers by well known pub/restaurant chains).. I mean, life’s too short for that isn’t it?

kelly by conistone


We are hoping that, in completing this challenge, we will have had fun together, seen some new places, have eaten healthily, and feel like we have made some progress towards redressing our work Vs life balance.

Eating ‘out’

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Eating ‘out’ in the open air is a really relaxing and fulfilling thing to do. And the beauty is,  ANY family could achieve it – there are no barriers. Take a prepared meal, take a picnic, or actually cook the meal in the outdoors. Whatever you decide, where ever you go, enjoy yourselves!

All you need to cook outdoors is:

  • A camping stove
  • 1 saucepan
  • some plates and cutlery
  • Some healthy ingredients
  • Some family members to enjoy the meal with!