Ella’s Wild About Wildlife

Get wild about wildlife

It’s Autumn and we have seen lots of squirrels running along fences and digging little holes in the ground. We wanted to learn what they are doing and why there are so many about.

I learned that there are not just the average grey and red tree squirrels but flying and ground squirrels! Unfortunately there are no flying squirrels here in the UK but still look out for tree and ground squirrels! We have been observing grey tree squirrels as they gather their diet for winter hibernating.  Grey squirrels are mainly herbivores, eating acorns and hazel nuts, berries, fungi and even bark, buds and shoots. On occasions when there aren’t many plants around they will eat insects, smaller rodents, bird eggs and nestlings.

Squirrels are very shy so why not go to a bird or squirrel hide and look out for them. That way they won’t see you and if you are quiet won’t hear you!

Only joking!

Q: What did the squirrel say to his girlfriend?
A: I’m nuts about you!

Q: What did she reply?
A: You’re nut so bad yourself!


Image credit: en.wikipedia.org