Family Challenged

Family Challenge(d) is a fun family game that seeks to add adventure and excitement to a day out or a day at home; it can be played virtually anyway.

Why family challenged?

As a family aiming to enjoy high-quality and rich time together, we try and follow a philosophy and mindset that sees us grasping opportunities, not shying away from them. Saying YES more and saying NO less. Being more positive and optimistic, less negative and doubting.

But living in this way takes practice, as the easier option is to say “Maybe, I’ll get back to you” or worse still, “No thanks!”


Family Challenge(d) encourages the development of skills and competencies that will help us all squeeze a little bit more out of life; well, that’s the hope anyway.

What is Family Challenge(d)?

Watch and find out.





See Family Challenge(d) in action

Watch us play Family Challenge(d) at Ferry Meadows.






Built on B.R.A.V.E.
A parenting approach designed to develop five key areas of child development.