Find [a] Summit to Do

Everyone in the UK is, at the most, a maximum of 3 or 4 hours away from a decent hill/mountain. So, in theory this adventure should be easy to achieve – well the finding a summit to do part will be, at least!

  • Be prepared for all weathers
  • Builds up stamina
  • Great outdoor fitness
  • Great views
  • Head for heights needed

This adventure simply involves finding a summit, and then climbing or walking it. The difficulty of this adventure obviously depends on a few things:

(i) the age of your children (which affects the summit you might want to attempt)

(ii) the time of the year (and weather)

(iii) how experienced you are.

(iv) how well equipped you are

Choosing a location

If you are unsure about any of the above, choose something relatively easy and safe to do – like a local hill or such. If you have older children and you are reasonable experienced and kitted up, choose something more challenging e.g. a well known mountain such as one of the National 3 Peaks, or one of the Yorkshire 3 Peaks (which is what we did).

Then, before you head out:  check the weather; make sure you are all fit and healthy; ensure your rucksack is packed with all the essentials (clothes, food, first aid kit, map etc), then….

… just do it!

Summit 4 Summit 3 Summit 2