Get Outside: whatever the Weather

Wake up – it’s time for adventure

Ella woke us up early this morning for an adventure; not the usual bleary-eyed girl we see during the week but one with a sparkle in her eyes as she was keen to get us up early in order to set off into the Peak District for a walk. We all wanted to blow the cobwebs away after the mundane work week and were all looking forward to spending time outdoors.

The forecast didn’t look good; a high percentage of rain was expected throughout the day and the remnant winds of Storm Doris were still reeking havoc across the country and countryside. We refused to be deterred and set off determined to get outside together for some family time in the outdoors. Knowing that the conditions on Kinder Scout were going to be wet and wild made us feel even more excited about the day ahead and we had some reassurance knowing that the girls’ would be toasty and dry in their new Berghaus jackets.

Ella on Kinder plateau

After a hearty breakfast on the way, we arrived and got ourselves ready – in the right gear for the predicted wet and windy conditions, after all there’s no such as things as bad weather only bad clothing which luckily we don’t have. The rain came and went throughout our walk and the wind buffeted us about as we climbed up Crowden Clough up to and across the Kinder Scout plateau. We’ve been up the Clough before, but every time the water level is different, and on this crazily wet day, it felt like a new adventure for us all. And that’s the great thing about going into the outdoors: the experience is always different with elements of the unexpected – I guess that’s why as humans we get so much from the simple act of going outside… it reconnects us to natural world that our modern lifestyles so often deny us.

Girls on Kinder
Family selfie on Kinder platuea

Okay the weather didn’t allow us many amazing views but there was something exhilarating about being outside exposed to the elements. We all loved being in the outdoors together and returned to our van at the end of the day a little weary, wind-swept and smiling, oh and with a pile of wet gear to be dried out back at Basecamp.

So, where shall we go next weekend?

Wet girls
Drying coats

Thanks to Blacks for sending the girls two 3 in 1 jackets to keep them dry and warm.