Getting off the beaten track

Get off the beaten track

The Tracker Bar ‘Get off the beaten track‘ initiative is trying to get people to collectively walk 30,000 miles by pledging their commitment to walk either 3, 5 or 10 miles. It’s in response to research data recently published which stated that Brits are exploring the great outdoors less than ever before – with over a third of the nation (35%) walking a mere 15 minutes or less a day. So, with the help of James Cracknell and the Woodland Trust, Tracker Bars are launching a campaign to get Brits off their backsides and off the beaten track.

Of course, we are supporting this campaign – as we near the end of our own outdoor challenge to complete 500 Fresh Air Miles, it seemed the perfect way to clock up a few miles for that challenge whilst at the same time contributing towards the 30,000 mile target.

You can download James Cracknall’s guide to getting outdoors here, and use the link below to sign up and get involved.

 Ideas to help get kids off the beaten tack:

Den building with friends


A great way to have fun outdoors, particularly with friends (as making a shelter or den is a lot easier if you work with someone else).

Some other ideas to try:

  • Nature walk – print off sheets from Woodland Trust and go out spotting birds, trees, insects etc
  • Mindful walk – silent walk listening to sounds
  • Rainbow walk – find natural things for each colour of the rainbow
  • Forage and cook: Brambles… try and include a Tracker bar in a recipe
  • Silly walks competition (inspired by the Monty Python sketch)
  • Walk and Talk, plus other games to play while walking, e.g. word association. The Enterprising Child app focussing on communication skills is packed full of activities and ideas
  • Nature video – David Attenborough / Steve Backshall style? Here’s one Ella did about plastic pollution in the oceans