Ghost Nets

At the moment we are staying at the Brighton Caravan Club site. Nearby there is a museum with an exhibition called Ocean Blues. The exhibition is trying to raise awareness of what is happening to sea animals. It also explained about ghost nets.

Ghost nets are nets that have been left behind by fishing boats. They are excess net that has been cut off and left floating in the ocean. Unfortunately, the net keeps on catching fish, seals, dolphins, turtles and sharks accidentally.

Ghost nets are extremely bad for the environment; they wrap around coral meaning it traps fish, animals eat it thinking it is food and it blocks their digestive system meaning they can’t eat and it wraps around animals’ fins meaning they can’t swim and so would drown.

People can do something about it though, because not only are ghost nets found in the ocean but also they are washed up on beaches. If each person went down to the beach every day – just for half an hour – to pick up any net they see, it would make a big difference! Picking up the net will prevent it drifting in the sea and killing another innocent animal. We walked along the beach for half an hour and picked up all the net and rope that we came across. We tied the ends together to see how long it would be and it was at least 25m long!

Ghost nets are horrible things and we need to do our bit to protect wildlife.

If you want to learn more about ghost nets go to .

By Ella.

nets collected on Brighton beach