Global Goal 12 – what it means to me

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The Global Goals, launched by the UN and world leaders at the end of 2015, cover a range of problems facing humanity, from stamping out extreme poverty to saving life on land and life below water. The UN encourage the general public to get involved and campaign for the goals but the thing is, there are 17 of these goals, all covering a range of topics so it’s better to hone in on one that you feel passionate about, or feel relates to you.

For me, it’s Goal number 12 – Responsible Consumption read about it here

Goal 12 is really important. In a modern Western world growing more and more materialistic, I feel it’s crucial that we don’t waste the Earth’s materials purely because, for example, we need the latest gadget. The Earth’s resources aren’t unlimited – the materials we value so greatly will run out, so as individuals we need to use them wisely, not exploit them.

This also applies to large companies as well; it’s shocking how much food supermarkets throw away just because they can’t label things ‘freshly baked’ any more, or because foods have gone past their display by date. It’s a huge contrast to what another goal covers – ‘hunger’.

Doing our bit

In an effort to do our bit towards the Global Goals, we are setting up our own campaign that will see us, as a family:

GG RRR small
  • Question our own personal use of single-use plastic
  • REMOVE 200,000 plastic bottles from the environment
  • Encourage people to REFUSE to use single-use plastic drinks bottles, coffee cups and straws
  • Encourage people to REFILL a reusable plastic drinks bottle rather than by single-use bottles

You can read more about our Clear Plastic Bottles Campaign here.

I think it is important for everybody and every company to modify their behaviours and processes so that we are more responsible users of the Earth’s precious resources, and that’s why we’re including it as part of our Clear Plastic Bottles Campaign.