Global Goal 14 – what it means to me

GG 14 banner

All the issues raised by the Global Goals campaign are important but the one that I feel passionate about is Life Below Water (goal number 14) read about it here.

71% of the earth is covered in water and these beautiful seas and oceans house lots of plant life and sea life. But humans have done an unbelievable amount of damage. Humans have spilt oil in the sea. Humans have dropped nets in the ocean that keep on catching. Humans have killed to many fish and humans have wrecked the coral.

GG 14 - turtle
I have done lots of research to find out how I can prevent any further damage. As part of this research I had to read about the problems that face the oceans like ghost nets and plastic pollution. Ghost nets are small bits of net that have been cut off by fishermen. They lie in the water and they keep on catching any sealife that are swimming by.

Plastic pollution is bits of plastic like plastic bags and bottles they floating and being eaten by animals that mistake them for food. It can block their digestive systems and make them feel full all the time. This then leads to them often starving to death.

There are so many other threats that face animals as well as this. We decided to focus on plastic pollution in the ocean and try to stop any more plastic getting into the sea.

A key part of The Global Goal, as well as being educated about them and telling everybody, is to take action.

Doing our bit

In an effort to do our bit towards the Global Goals, we are setting up our own campaign that will see us, as a family:

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  • Question our own personal use of single-use plastic
  • REMOVE 200,000 plastic bottles from the environment
  • Encourage people to REFUSE to use single-use plastic drinks bottles, coffee cups and straws
  • Encourage people to REFILL a reusable plastic drinks bottle rather than by single-use bottles

You can read more about our Clear Plastic Bottles Campaign here.