Go Coasteering

Coasteering is an increasingly popular adventure sport that combines scrambling, climbing and swimming along a rocky coastline along with the optional and adrenaline-filled jumps from varying heights (depending how brave you are!). Suitable for almost all ages (7 or 8 up) and abilities, this fun activity is a super way to see some of the British coastlines from a different perspective.

  • Awareness of weather and tides
  • Climbing + scrambling
  • Family fun
  • Swimming

Simply squeeze into a wetsuit, buoyancy aid and helmet (all of which can be hired) and don a pair of old trainers then clamber down the rocks to the coastline. Traverse up and down the rocks, admiring the wonders in rock pools and views further afield. It is important to be aware of the tide; watch for the changes in water level whilst scrabbling out of the water and water depth when jumping into the sea. Don’t forget rocks and barnacles can scrape the skin and cause damage to wetsuits so an old pair of shorts worn over the wetsuit is an advisable addition to the wardrobe!

Whilst locals have been exploring the coastlines for years, a range of adventure sports companies now offer guided sessions. It is probably advisable to go on a guided tour if you are not familiar with the area, tides or weather conditions. One of the first companies to offer coasteering were TYF (web link), who provide sessions that explore the beautiful Pembrokeshire coastline.

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