Go Fossil Hunting

Now this doesn’t mean you have to embark on an Indiana Jones type  adventure, or be an expert in archaeology. No, just go to the beach, as  normal, but go with a slightly different intention.

Instead of going to  just build sandcastles or paddle in the sea or explore rock pools for  crabs, shells and seaweed, designate a bit of time to scrutinise the  cliff bottoms and loose stones and pebbles found at the upper tidal  range.


Not only is it great fun and exciting (when you find a fossil) but it  also encourages you and your children to look and think about the  natural environment in a different way.

Children often have to do show and tell at school as well these days,  and imagine the excitement generated when a child takes some real-life  fossils and GOLD (OK fool’s gold) into class! And tales of using picks and rock hammers to prise out hidden specimens really spices things up a  bit! A trip to the beach to find some fossils really does then start to  sound like an Indiana Jones adventure!