Go On A Scooter Safari

Many children own scooters but you don’t often see a whole family out on them. Borrow a few extra scooters from friends or familly and head off on a safari of the local surroundings altogether.

  • Good Exercise
  • Great Family time
  • See a different perspective
  • Drink and warm clothes

The track can simply follow the pavements of local streets or you could look for cycle tracks in parks, nature reserves etc. Rather than a simple trip to and from specific locations, your safari can be like a mini expedition, taking most of the day if you take a picnic or gas stove and one-pot ingredients.

Why not explore an unknown part of the city, town or village that you live in? Travelling along a riverside path into a city will enable you to experience how rural becomes urban; with evidence on man’s influence becoming more and more obvious.

Exploring a city by scooter gives a new perspective to see areas that you’ve never seen before.

Search for suitable routes on a local map and set off an exploration by scooter!

Then when you get back, look at your route on Google Maps and work out the distance covered.

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