Go Sub Zero Camping

Sub-zero camping has been something we’ve talked about as a family for a while. It’s as if it was one of those things we wanted to do (for the challenge) but also something we had a fair amount of trepidation towards (after all, nobody likes being cold really do they?).

  • extra warm
  • Hope you don’t need to pee in the night!
  • Not for feint-hearted

But with this crazily unseasonal weather we seem to be having – as the daffodils start to shoot and the hedgehogs begin to come out of hibernation – if we wanted to ‘bag’ this challenge this year, we had to make on as soon as the next sub-zero weekend materialised.

And this weekend was the weekend.

With my 6-year old we ventured out into our tent – which had a layer of ice on it by the way – not knowing whether we’d abort this challenge (shivering) after a few hours of misery and cold, or see it through to the morning.

I’m pleased to say that our modest equipment (cheap pop-up tent, ‘regular’ sleeping bags and roll mats were more than adequate for the sub-zero temperatures we experienced. I must add that we were also fully clothed (including thermals, fleeces and hats).

Never-the-less, although only in our back garden, we felt like we were doing something quite extreme and exciting.

It’s a cliche, but it’s true; the simplest things are often the best!

Sub-zero camping – in the (sleeping)bag. I strongly urge others to brave the cold and adventure in their back gardens (before the frosty nights melt away into Spring).