New Year get-away #hiberNAY

New Year Resolutions Intentions

We don’t really set ourselves New Year Resolutions, instead we set New Year Intentions. What’s the difference? Well, probably not much, but to us the word ‘resolution’ seems to relate to changing something negative ( a trait or habit) that you might find undesirable or you are unhappy with. And the word ‘intention’ seems to feel more positive and proactive; something you want to do … more of a positive aim. Anyway, that’s just how we think of it.

With this in mind, one of the things we (the family) all agreed should be one of our ‘intentions’ for 2018 is to spend more family time together, in the outdoors.

OK, so this isn’t new – this has been a consistent intention for a few years now – but then I don’t think a New Year Intention needs to be new; I mean…  if you’ve had a good year doing something, why not have another good year doing more of the same?

End as you mean to go on – more of the same, please

So, as New Year’s Eve approached, and our plans to camp at friends had fallen through at the last minute, we took this as an opportunity to do something spontaneous but still in line with our ‘intention’ for 2018;

“Let’s hitch up the Basecamp, pack a pop-up tent and head off to a campsite and see the New Year in together, as a family,  playing board games and sleeping outdoors.”

To us all, that sounded perfect! So that’s what we did. Simple as!

caravan front2
Excited about being back in Basecamp!
caravan front
Being outdoors causes some strange behaviour!
catan small
Catan – the perfect game for seeing in the New Year

Go on as you mean to end

And as the clock struck midnight and 2017 finally came to a close, we closed our eyes and clambered into our sleeping bags knowing that come the morning, we’d be starting 2018 the way we’d like to continue throughout the year:

  • outdoors
  • together

A morning run and cycle ride got our blood pumping and our chins wagging, and we even managed to pick up some single-use plastic towards our 100,000 total.


Over to you …

So, Happy New Year everyone, and good luck with defining and working towards your New Year Resolutions / Intentions over 2018.

And don’t let the fact it’s winter stop you kicking off  any outdoor-related resolutions. Remember: humans should say Nay to Hibernating; or #hiberNAY for short!

Happy hiberNAYing!

For more information about our cool Basecamp

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