Journey 13 – 6.5 miles by kayak/canoe

Our 500 Fresh Air Miles Challenge has already seen us walk, cycle and scooter. We have travelled along the coast, followed a river, and navigated a route around a large body of water. But until now, we hadn’t taken to the water itself. So, our recent fresh air mile journey was an exciting and refreshing change, and one that definitely pushed us out of our comfort zones; none of us had ever actually been through a lock, never mind through a lock in a kayak and canoe!

When the rest of the country was battened up inside sheltering from the gales, we enjoyed a peaceful night under canvas sleeping contentedly after paddling, a campfire hotdogs and then s’mores (of, course).

This trip was muddy, wet and full of laughs and smiles. I was a great experience and importantly, it really did feel like a proper family adventure.

Special thanks to Rich and Ash from for making this happen for us. If anyone is the Bedford area and looking for someone to get them on the water paddling, give Canoe Trail a call for a friendly and professional service.

This journey was completed as part of our 500 Fresh Air Miles Challenge.