Journey 19 – Brecon canal scooter – 5 miles

Scooters are a handy way to clock up some miles and explore the nearby countryside. The fact that they are foldable meant that we were able to head off on a local bus and return by scooter easily, without having to retrace a route.

Not far from where we were staying in Brecon is the canal so after, winding down some country lanes on the bus, we were dropped off in the village of Talybont-on-Usk, 5 miles away, to then spend the next couple of hours scootering back along the canal path, stopping to help out at a lock gate.

Tim, who doesn’t own a scooter, ran the route – adding another means of travelling to our list of non-motorised ways to travel!

This journey was completed as part of our 500 Fresh Air Miles Challenge.