Journey 21 – 4 miles along the Cheddar Gorge

This week we’re in Somerset, where us kids get excited about the strawberries and the adults about the cider! But there is also some incredible landscape, like Cheddar Gorge where we headed for our next leg of our 500 fresh air miles challenge.

It was a 4-mile walk along the gorge top, where we experienced some gorge-us views of the landscape that stretched into the distance and the coast that tickled the horizon. The weather was also in our favour – it was blue sky and beautiful sun (that’s finally arrived!). A wide range of wildlife was too be seen as well – Peregrine Falcons to the Pink Gorge flower, only to be found in Cheddar Gorge.

It may only have been a short walk but this challenge is about chipping away at the total and having a good time in the process, exploring different areas of the country and breathing in plenty of fresh-air.

By Amy and Ella

This journey was completed as part of our 500 Fresh Air Miles Challenge.